Currently, we are only offering local shipping in the Philippines. International shipping is not yet available.

Shipping Methods

ISEKAI offers the convenience of shipping and delivery to the customer. Currently, there are two shipping methods available: Standard Shipping and Same-Day Delivery.

Standard Shipping refers to regular shipping. It is a cost-effective option for delivery of a small to large standard package that doesn’t include overnight or any other special requirements to deliver products quickly which is done usually through on-ground couriers, air cargo and sea cargo.

Delivery Lead Time
Delivery takes days depending on the destination. Please see the estimated delivery lead times below:

Within Metro Manila: 2 - 3 business days
Luzon: 3 - 5 business days
Visayas & Mindanao: 5 - 10 business days

These are just estimates and may be shorter or longer depending on the courier, type of delivery method used by the courier, and other external factors that will affect the delivery. Any changes to the delivery schedule will be reflected on the tracker.

Our same-day delivery option refers to us sending out the already-available item in less than 24 hours after the order has been placed (in case of in stock items) or has arrived in the warehouse (in case of pre-order items). Delivery is preferably within the same day, although it is not always possible. See cases below:

For orders placed and paid before 2:00 PM: To be delivered within the day
For orders placed at 2:00 PM or later: To be delivered the next day

This is obviously a quicker option but is only available within Metro Manila.

Shipping Rates and Shipping Calculator

The following shipping methods with our respective courier partners are currently available in our website together with the respective rates.

We are using a fixed rate depending on the size of pouches and boxes and the actual weight of the item.

Please use our Shipping Calculator to check the rates. It can be found on the website's cart page.

Standard Shipping and Delivery Procedure

Upon checking out, you will be prompted to input your shipping address. Please make sure that your address is correct and specific before proceeding further. It is recommended to include other relevant details that will help our couriers to locate your address faster such as unit number, block or lot numbers, landmarks, etc.

Shipping options will be shown after confirming your shipping information. Only the listed shipping options and couriers will be available to you as it is dependent to the shipping destination. In any case the shipping address is not serviceable by the selected shipping courier, we will opt to use another courier. Any changes including differences to the shipping amount incurred by the new courier will be communicated by ISEKAI before the shipment of the item.

Processing: Processing of orders depends on the items included. In stock items will be processed immediately while pre-order items will only be processed once the item has arrived on our warehouse.

Processing of orders with only IN STOCK ITEMS
Processing of orders with only in stock items takes a day or two for standard shipping (a few hours for same-day delivery) from the date of payment receipt. It is normally processed together with other customers' orders.

For more information about In Stock Items, please see our In Stock Policy and Procedure.

Processing of orders with only PRE-ORDER ITEMS

Processing of orders with only pre-order items takes a day or two for standard shipping (a few hours for same-day delivery) from the date of the items' arrival to our warehouse. It is normally processed together with other customers' orders.

NOTE: Pre-order items will take 2-8 weeks to arrive at our warehouse from the item’s release date indicated on the item’s product page. Delays are possible, please see Delay Information below.

For more information about In Stock Items, please see our Pre-Order Policy.

Processing of orders with both IN STOCK and PRE-ORDER ITEMS (MIXED CART)
Placing an order with both in stock and pre-order items is allowed but do take note that since we process per order and not per item, in stock items though available will be shipped only once ALL pre-order items in the order became available as well.

We recommend you place separate orders for in-stock items and for pre-order items so that we can ship in-stock items immediately. Pre-order items will be shipped once they arrive. Separate orders will incur separate shipping fees.

NOTE: When an in-stock item is added to the cart with only pre-order items or a pre-order item is added to the cart with only in stock items, a warning message will pop-up informing you that the cart contains item/s that will make your final order a mixed cart order.

Processing of mixed cart order takes a day or two for standard shipping (a few hours for same-day delivery) from the date of the pre-order item's arrival to our warehouse (in case of multiple pre-order items, the final pre-order item to become available will be the basis). It is normally processed together with other customers' orders.

In case of all pre-orders in a mixed cart order have been cancelled, the remaining in-stock items will be processed immediately as soon as the cancellation has been confirmed.

Shipment: Once the order has been processed, the package is forwarded to the courier of choice. For same-day delivery procedure, see Same-Day Delivery in the Shipping Method section on the left.

Tracking: Tracking details will be sent to the customer through SMS and e-mail. This will also serve as the notification that the order has been successfully processed and is ready for shipment. The tracking detail contains information including the tracking number, link, and other relevant information about the delivery status. Please do take note that ISEKAI has no control in any way possible in terms of problems arising with tracking. For any questions or concerns, please reach out directly to the courier.

Delays and Rescheduling of Shipments and Deliveries

There are chances that shipments and deliveries will be delayed and below are the common reasons:

a. Incorrect or incomplete and customer details: Complete and specific customer information is the most important thing we need to ensure proper and accurate order fulfillment. Please ensure that all details are provided complete and specific as much as possible most particularly in the customer name (recipient), shipping address and contact number.

b. Natural disasters and extreme weather conditions: Since the country is vulnerable to unpredictable natural disasters and weather inconveniences such as storms and volcanic eruption, deliveries may be delayed due the effects of these unwanted events or sometimes rescheduled ahead of time for the safety of the riders, drivers and as well as the customers.

c. Traffic: It is already given that traffic almost exist everywhere most especially for deliveries scheduled in peak hours. Delays are highly possible but don't worry, the package will come to you.

d. High volume shipments: Packages under standard shipping are consolidated upon delivery. This means that multiple packages are being delivered by each courier. Delays are highly possible most particularly during peak seasons such as the Ber-months (September, October, November and December).

e. Failed delivery attempt: There are times that the couriers weren't able to handover the packages due to not having a recipient upon their arrival. Please make sure that if you cannot personally receive the package when it is expected, have someone to receive the package on your behalf.

f. Customs: Almost all of our products are imported meaning the items came from our suppliers and the products' manufacturers overseas and when brought to the country, these items undergo inspection by the Bureau of Customs (BOC). There will be times that items will be held by the Customs but you don't have to worry as we have the proper documents and legal basis for the items to be released as soon as possible.

g. Delivery vehicle breakdowns: In rare cases, technical problems may occur at the side of the couriers, please just have patience when these happen.

h. System error

These are just the common ones since there are many other factors that may affect the shipping and delivery of packages. We requesting you to be considerate when these unprecedented occurrences happen.

Insurance, Liabilities and Warranties

We guarantee that all items are in good condition prior to shipping. For any concerns including but not limited to damaged/incorrect items, please refer to our Cancellation, Return, Exchange and Refund Policy, then send your claims via the Contact Us page.

Insurance and Liabilities
All items being delivered are all insured since a courier's insurance fee is included in the checkout.

Once the item has been dispatched to the third-party courier, the courier is primarily accountable for any damage to the item/s or lost packages. Please visit the respective courier websites for information regarding liabilities and warrants. However, ISEKAI will do its best to connect you with the courier. Please take note that ISEKAI will not be involved in the negotiation process between the customer and the courier. Once the customer and the courier have settled their dispute, ISEKAI will handle the post-settlement process (i.e. refund/exchange).

Our warranties refers to the terms and situations in which repairs or exchanges will be made if the product does not function as originally described or intended. Only electronic products are eligible for warranties. For other products and claims, please visit our Cancellation, Return, Exchange and Refund Policy.