This policy covers the rules, guidelines, and procedure regarding our pricing including its inclusions such as taxes, charges and other fees.

How we price our products

We tag our products with pricing that is ethical, reasonable and fair for both customers and the business. Our standard pricing starts at the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of the item. Any increases or decreases in price are strictly considered based on economic and business factors including but not limited to:
- demand and supply of the item
- costs in procurement including importation and local transfers
- competition
- market value changes
- currency exchange
- other factors beyond the control of ISEKAI.

As much as we want the prices to be constant as much as possible, price adjustments are inevitable when it is foreseen that changes in the factors previously mentioned will have an impact to the business.

Our product pricing is inclusive of procurement fees, mark-up, cost of the actual item, importation fees, custom taxes and duties, Value-added Tax (VAT) for vatable items, manpower cost, local transfer fees, and other costs necessary for the procurement of items and the operations of the business.

Our product pricing is exclusive of shipping fee, handling and packaging fees and insurance fees which are added to the final price upon checkout. This exclusive fees are broken down in the checkout summary.

Non-ISEKAI inclusive charges and Additional Charges upon Checkout

Non-ISEKAI inclusive charges:
- Value-Added Tax (12% VAT):
Please refer to Value-Added Taxes and other Taxes section below.

Additional Charges upon Checkout
- Local Shipping Fee
: This is the fee being charged upon the selection of your preferred courier. This fee goes directly to the delivery courier and not to ISEKAI. Please refer to our Shipping and Delivery Policyfor more information.

- Packaging Fee: We charge a packaging fee for the use of plastics (bubble wraps) and other packaging materials needed to secure the packages. Part of it goes to recycling fees, plastic usage fee and environmental fees in using these materials as governed by our local government unit (LGU).

Value-Added Tax (VAT) and other taxes

AniradioPlus Inc. who owns ISEKAI: The Anime & Hobby Store is a VAT-registered corporation and must comply with the rules, regulations, and policies of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) regarding proper taxation and filing. In line with this, a 12% VAT should be applied to all products with the exemption of VAT-exempt ones as written below:

The following products are VAT-exempt (non-taxable):
• Books (all kinds except magazines)

Refer to Section 109 of National Internal Revenue Code of 1997 as amended by Republic Act (RA) No. 10963 (TRAIN), RA 11256, RA 11346, RA 11467 and RA 11534 (CREATE).

The following products are subjected to 12% VAT (taxable):
• Figures (all kinds)
• Magazines
• Apparels / Clothing
• Other items not classified as VAT-exempt and zero-rated

Refer to Article IV - Value Added Tax of National Internal Revenue Code of 1997 as amended by Republic Act (RA) No. 10963 (TRAIN), RA 11256, RA 11346, RA 11467 and RA 11534 (CREATE).