Below are some common questions of our customers regarding the ISEKAI store. For other categories, select the specific ones on the sidebar. If you have other questions not stated on this FAQ, don't hesitate to message us on Facebook or send an e-mail to

Do you offer promos?

We offer promos from time to time, please visit our social media accounts or the website to be updated.

Do you offer discounts?

Currently, we offer a 10% discount on pre-orders.

Also, you can also get discount coupons on our timed promo offers or redeem using your ISEKAI points.

Do discount coupons and/or promotional vouchers expire?

Yes, discount coupons and promotional voucher do expire for a specific time. These usually expire once the promo/event/offer concludes. Please read the details indicated on the offer.

Can I buy ISEKAI gift cards or codes?

As of the moment, we do not offer purchasable gift cards. But will do in the future.

ISEKAI Rewards: What are ISEKAI Rewards?

ISEKAI Rewards is our loyalty program for users who make purchases on our website. The more purchases you make on ISEKAI, the more ISEKAI points you will earn to avail of our special perks.

To know more about our loyalty program, please visit the ISEKAI Rewards page.

ISEKAI Rewards: Do you issue a physical ISEKAI Rewards card?

We do not issue physical rewards cards as of the moment. All activities concerning the ISEKAI Rewards Program occur online within your ISEKAI account.

ISEKAI Rewards: How do I earn ISEKAI points?

If it’s your first time purchasing on ISEKAI, kindly register an account before you complete your purchase. Registering an account immediately grants you 500 ISEKAI points.

To earn more points, you will need to purchase items on the ISEKAI website. For every one (1) Philippine peso worth of purchase, you earn one (1) ISEKAI point. For example, a purchase worth PHP500 will add 500 ISEKAI points to your account.

ISEKAI Rewards: What kinds of rewards do you offer?

Examples of rewards include discounted vouchers for purchasing items, free shipping coupons, and the ability to purchase special items from ISEKAI. Stay tuned for further details and special events to earn more points quickly!

ISEKAI Rewards: Do ISEKAI points expire?

ISEKAI Points earned in regular transactions do not expire. However, points earned from special and limited offers, may have a validity period.

ISEKAI Rewards: Can I convert my ISEKAI points to cash?

No, ISEKAI points are not convertible to cash. You can only use them to redeem vouchers, discounts, etc. within the ISEKAI Rewards Shop.

ISEKAI Rewards: Can I transfer my ISEKAI points to a friend?

No, ISEKAI points are non-transferrable.

ISEKAI Rewards: What will happen to my points if I requested for my account to be deleted?

Once your account deletion request is approved, you will forfeit all existing points, perks, etc. in your account and they can no longer be retrieved after deletion.

I'm a Person With Disability (PWD)/Senior Citizen. Can I avail my discount benefit?